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After your booking is confirmed, you will receive an email containing all the details of the tutoring sessions.

Participants (Peer Tutors and Tutees) have the freedom to select their preferred tutoring timeslots in each programme, you are expected to attend the tutoring session at the time you have chosen. Random cancellation is an irresponsible act that not only causes inconvenience to others but also results in a waste of resources and efforts. Students who repeatedly cancel tutoring sessions without a legitimate reason, or do not follow the proper cancellation procedures, may face immediate suspension and be prohibited from joining the programmes until the end of the following semester.

Your responsibilities as a participant:

Check emails or tutoring record on system

Check your HKU Portal email/ the Booking System regularly.

Host (Peer Tutor) or attend (Tutee) the tutoring session on time

Host (Peer Tutor) / Attend (Tutee) the tutoring session on time.

Submit the Quick Review for the completed session

Submit the “Quick Review” of each completed session.

Submit the overall Programme Feedback after you have completed the last session.

Submit the overall “Programme Feedback” after you have completed the last session of the programme.

More about “Quick Review” and “Programme Feedback”

Quick Review

  • It provides students with an immediate opportunity to reflect on their tutoring/learning experience of a specific session.
  • The Quick Review Form for a completed session can only be accessed once the administrator(s) have updated the attendance record, which will be done on the next working day at the earliest.
  • Students with an attendance rate below 50% will not be granted access to the Quick Review Form, as it indicates unsatisfactory attendance (i.e. incomplete session).
  • To ensure timely feedback, we recommend that students submit their Quick Review(s) before the commencement of the next tutoring session.

Programme Feedback

  • The Programme Feedback Form serves as an evaluation tool for students to assess their overall tutoring/learning experience throughout the programme.
  • Participants (Peer Tutors and Tutees) are required to submit the Programme Feedback Form upon completion of all tutoring sessions for the semester.
  • Access to the Programme Feedback Form will only be granted after the administrator(s) have updated the attendance record for the student’s last session. Students with an unsatisfactory attendance record will not be able to access the form.
  • Each participant, except those with unsatisfactory performance, is required to complete the Programme Feedback Form. A system-generated email reminder will be sent to participants.

Contact the Programme Administrator(s) if you encounter any difficulties in submitting the Quick Review(s) or Programme Feedback.