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  1. Will CEDARS-CoPE provide learning materials to students?
    Participants of the Survival Cantonese will receive a set of learning materials covering the basics. Peer Tutors can utilise the materials to host the practice sessions, or feel free to adjust the content or prepare other materials that would best suit the needs of their Tutees.

    For Peer English Tutoring, Peer Tutors and Tutees are free to talk about topics of their common interests provided that the content is legal and appropriate. 

    You can also take a look at the items listed under “Useful Resources” of the Booking System.

  2. Where can I view/download the learning materials?
    Learning materials of the Survival Cantonese will be sent to participants by email once the booking is confirmed. Please check the confirmation email sent by the Booking System for the link to the document.

  3. Can I get the presentation slides/ handouts of a tutoring session?
    You may ask for the reference books, videos, websites used in the presentation slides/ handouts. However, sharing a complete set of slides/ handouts may have copyright concerns and is discouraged.