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Peer Tutor/ Tutee Registration

To register as Peer Tutor or Tutee, students should complete the online application form via this Booking System. Both programmes only accept online applications, you should submit your application following the system instructions if interested.

Register as Peer Tutors:

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a selection interview to assess their suitability. Those who fail to attend the interview will be regarded as withdrawing the application.

Register as Tutees:

No assessment is required for participating as Tutee for practising. Students will be directed to select Peer Tutors and tutoring timeslots available.

Commitment & Scheduling

Contribute as Peer Tutor:

Peer Tutors will conduct individual practice sessions via Zoom /Microsoft Teams or face-to-face (depending on the latest programme arrangements) during the programme period.

  • Basic Requirements: Each Peer Tutor will take several Tutees. You should provide tutoring timeslots that fulfil the basic requirements of the programmes:
    • Peer English Tutoring: min. 12 timeslots, max. 15 timeslots
    • Survival Cantonese: min. 10 timeslots, max. 12 timeslots
  • Tutoring Schedule: Peer Tutors can work out their tutoring schedule based on their personal timetable following the programme requirements and arrangements.
    • Tutoring timeslots are open for selection by Peer Tutors on a first-come-first-served basis.
    • By confirming the tutoring schedule, the selected timeslots will be published on the Booking System for booking by potential Tutees. You should reserve these timeslots for conducting tutorials.
    • The number of Tutees that can be matched is influenced by the number of timeslots you provide, as well as the preferences and availability of the Tutees. Please note the possibility of not being matched with any Tutees due to the abovementioned factors.
    • Manual matching is not applicable to both programmes. Under normal circumstances, Programme Administrator(s) will not intervene the matching mechanism and exercise.

Practise as Tutee:

The programmes welcome all current students who wish to polish their oral English or non-local students looking for opportunities to practise essential Cantonese. You will be matched with a native speaker of the languages to practise and build up social confidence.

  • Programme Requirements: Each Tutee will practise English or Cantonese with their Peer Tutor in the following structure:
    • Three 1-hour tutorials for Peer English Tutoring
    • Two 1-hour tutorials for Survival Cantonese
    *Students who wish to participate in regular courses for academic purposes should explore learning opportunities offered by the University and/or external organisations/institutions.
  • Booking: Tutees can select their Peer Tutor and work out the tutoring schedule based on their preferences following the programme requirements and the timeslots offered by Peer Tutors.
    • Tutors’ profiles are available for preview to facilitate you in identifying a suitable Peer Tutor.
    • You should first identify your preferred Peer Tutor, then select the tutoring timeslots offered by the same person.
    • All tutoring timeslots are open for selection by Tutees on a first-come-first-served basis.
    • By confirming your booking via the Booking System, you agree to the schedule and arrangements of the programme.
    • All the booked sessions are NOT transferable. Asking other students or non-registrants to stand in and attend the sessions will be regarded as violating the rules.
    • Making instant / frequent changes to the tutoring schedule is strongly discouraged. Your Peer Tutor volunteers to offer practice sessions in their spare time, attending tutorials according to the committed schedule is your duty.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

Peer Tutors and Tutees are obliged to host or attend the tutoring sessions according to the booking record. If you need to cancel a tutoring session, the request should be made via the Booking System prior to the commencement of the tutoring session. In your request, you should provide a written explanation to justify the cancellation.

Cancel a Session as Peer Tutor:

  • If you cancel a session, you have the responsibility to offer a make-up session for your Tutee. The Programme Administrator(s) will first release the reserved timeslots under your name for the affected Tutee to select.
  • You may be asked to provide additional timeslots to facilitate the make-up arrangements if all the timeslots you offered have been occupied.

Cancel a Session as Tutee:

  • You can only reschedule the tutoring session for a cancellation request made at least 30 minutes before its commencement:
    • You can simply select another timeslot from the list when there are remaining timeslots offered by your Peer Tutor.
    • If there are no available sessions available for selection, please apply in writing by email to within 3 working days. Such requests will be actioned upon the confirmation and availability of the Peer Tutor. There is no guarantee that such requests will be granted.
  • If you cancel a session less than 30 minutes before its commencement, you are not allowed to reschedule the cancelled session, i.e. no make-up session will be arranged.