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  1. Why do I need to create a profile?
    Your profile helps connect you with people sharing similar interests and aspirations. Complete the system profile to ensure you are well represented:
    (1) Choose your avatar
    (2) Give a short introduction of yourself – Say hello to your potential Peer Tutors or Tutees!
    (3) Complete questions related to your basic information and hobbies – Higher chances of meeting like-minded HKUers.
    (4) Elaborate on the discussion topics you are interested in – Peer Tutors could better prepare for the tutorials, while Tutees can identify Peer Tutors with discussion topics that would best suit their needs.

  2. Can I replace the avatar with my self-portrait/photo?
    No. For confidentiality concerns, only built-in avatars are allowed to secure participants’ privacy. You can choose an avatar that best represents you.

  3. Can I use a pseudonym or nickname instead of my real name on the Booking System?
    The nickname you input will be used as the display name for other participants’ viewing. You are advised to use your English name for matching and tutoring purposes. The use of a pseudonym or inappropriate terms/phrases will be regarded as violating the rules and the Programme Administrator(s) reserve the right to remove any inappropriate contents from your profile.

  4. Who can view my profile?
    Peer Tutors and their matched Tutees can view each other’s profiles. For Peer Tutors, your profile can also be viewed by potential Tutees when they enrol for the programme(s).