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Striking up a conversation with strangers may be difficult. Pair up with your peers to brush up on your language skills and enhance your confidence.

“Peer English Tutoring” connects you with a native or near-native English-speaking Peer Tutor to practise conversational English in a stress-free environment. Spoken English is made easy by chatting about food, movies, travel and music.

“Survival Cantonese” provides practice sessions conducted by Peer Tutors to cover essential day-to-day “Survival Cantonese” phrases for non-Cantonese speakers to get around in Hong Kong. It is ideal for newly arrived non-Cantonese-speaking students.

If you are a native speaker of Cantonese and/or English, join us as our Peer Tutors and utilise your language proficiency to help others. Connect with other HKUers from around the world and expand your social network!

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