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Peer English Tutoring (Tutors) - Serve the HKU Community with Your English Proficiency

We are looking for active and committed HKUers who are:

Native/ near-native English speakers

Native/ near-native English speakers

Willing to volunteer

Reliable & dedicated to contributing to this support network

Good communication & interpersonal skills

Equipped with good communication & interpersonal skills

Enjoy sharing knowledge & campus experiences

Passionate in exchanging knowledge & campus experiences

Expand social circle & cultural exposures

Willing to expand social circle & cultural exposures

Tutor’s Commitment & Responsibilities:

  • Host practice sessions for your matched Tutees
  • Design and provide a personalised learning experience to your Tutees
  • Encourage your Tutees to speak up and help them build social confidence by creating a non-judgemental learning environment
  • Foster a supportive and helping attitude among HKUers

What can be expected from peer tutoring?

  • CEDARS Reward Points
  • Networking opportunities and new friendships across countries/ disciplines/ levels of study
  • Enhanced communication and coaching skills that are beneficial to your studies/ future career

Peer English Tutoring (Tutees) - Practise Oral English with HKUers

What is the difference between Peer English Tutoring and other English courses?

Unlike standard English courses with a strong focus on grammar and academic writing/ presentations, Peer English Tutoring helps you build up your social confidence via casual conversations on any topic of your interest.

Tutee’s Commitment:

To attend three 1-hour practice sessions hosted by your Peer Tutor

What can be expected from the tutorials?

Practise the language & get improved

Practise oral English & gain insider tips for improvement

Casual chats in a stress-free environment

Carefree casual chats with natives

Build new friendships

Build new friendships across countries, disciplines/ levels of study

Application for Peer Tutors & Tutees are not open yet. Please stay tuned for our updates via bulk mails and social media platforms!