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Programme Structure & Arrangements

All tutoring sessions should be conducted in accordance with the latest arrangements announced by CEDARS-CoPE. Participants will be informed of the changes, e.g. schedule, duration, format, venue, etc. whenever necessary.

Technical Requirements for Online Practice Sessions

Practice sessions are conducted online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Please make sure your device and internet connection meet the technical requirements for online tutoring.

  • Remember to update your Zoom or Microsoft Teams to the latest version.
  • Please use a desktop computer or laptop with audio visual capabilities, i.e. microphone and camera.
  • The online tutorials require a stable internet connection. We recommend using a LAN cable network instead of a WiFi connection.

Tutoring Preparation for Peer Tutors

Tutees are not required to declare their language proficiency when enrolling for the programme. As Peer Tutors, you are expected to offer a personalised learning experience for your Tutees. You should plan, review and make appropriate adjustments to the tutorial content that best suits your Tutee.

Your preparation before the tutorials:

  • Profile of the Tutees offer hints to their personal interests and learning goals. Take a quick look at the profile of your Tutees and identify learning materials and/or resources according to their topics of interest.
  • Ice-breaker games are good ways to warm up and get your Tutees actively engaged in the session.
  • Ensure the audio and visual settings of your device work well. Get your second device ready and quickly change the device when there is any unexpected technical error.

Tutoring Content/Materials

When preparing/sharing tutoring materials, please pay attention to the copyright-related matters and the additional restrictions on use, copying, downloading or distribution.

The following contents/audiovisual displays are strictly prohibited:

  • Violence, obscene and offensive languages;
  • Hateful, threatening and stereotyping speeches;
  • Irrelevant, inappropriate and unlawful langauges/contents


Peer English Tutoring and Survival Cantonese are peer support programmes that aim at fostering cultural and social integration between local and non-local students. Unlike regular language courses, both programmes focus more on enhancing participants’ social confidence and encouraging peer exchange. 

Students who are seeking learning opportunities for academic purposes should look for other resources within or outside the University.