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  1. How do I create an account on the Booking System?
    When you first access the Booking System, you will be asked to build your profile. By completing this action, you create an account and may continue with the registration procedures for Peer Tutor/Tutee.

  2. I am having trouble logging into the Booking System. What should I do?
    The Booking System requires access via the HKU Portal. Make sure you are using the correct HKU Portal UID and PIN when logging into the system. Please visit the HKU ITS website for the troubleshooting guide related to HKU Portal access.

  3. Can I change my login ID and password?
    As the Booking System is linked up with the HKU Portal, there is no alternate way for you to change the login ID and password for this system unless you change the login details of your HKU Portal account.

  4. Can I delete my account?
    No, users cannot delete their accounts on their own. Your account and the tutoring records will only be kept for the semester where you have enroled as Peer Tutor/Tutee for administrative and operational purposes. System settings will be reset for a new semester and the previous tutoring details will no longer be available.

  5. How can I report fraudulent activity on the Booking System?
    Only students with a valid HKU Portal account can access the Booking System. If you have spotted any suspicious or fraudulent activity on your account, please contact the Programme Administrator(s) by email (