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  1. I recently signed up for the programme(s), but have accidentally cancelled one of my sessions. What should I do?
    Cancellation is an irreversible action and the cancelled session cannot be recovered. The only option is to reschedule the session to another date.

  2. Can I book tutoring sessions from different Peer Tutors? Or change my Peer Tutor afterwards?
    You cannot book tutoring sessions from different Peer Tutors. Once you have selected a Peer Tutor, you are not allowed to choose the tutoring timeslots offered by other Peer Tutors. Under normal circumstances, the matching result remains unchanged unless any misconduct or acts of violation are reported or identified.

  3. My tutoring session should begin now, but I still cannot see my Peer Tutor.
    Session booking and online tutorials are operated on different systems. This Booking System only handles applications for Peer Tutors/Tutees, matching, and booking of tutoring sessions.

    All online tutoring sessions are conducted on Zoom or Microsoft Teams, make sure you have logged in to the correct platform with the assigned meeting information. Please refer to FAQs » Tutoring Sessions » Question 4 if your Peer Tutor does not show up in the session.

  4. I finished all my tutoring sessions. Can I further book another tutorial to continue my learning?
    Sorry, you can’t. Each tutee is eligible to pair up with one Peer Tutor only to enjoy the tutoring sessions subject to the latest programme structure. We hope to promote equal learning opportunities among students and expand this peer support network by supporting more HKUers who would also like to enhance their social confidence.

  5. I forget to ask for my Peer Tutor’s contact in the last tutoring session. Is it possible for me to get his/her email to express my gratitude?
    It would be difficult for the Programme Administrator(s) to accommodate the requests given the overwhelming number of participants for each semester. If you would like to exchange the contact information for connection, or express your gratitude, please ask for consent before leaving the last tutorial.