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  1. Can I reschedule my interview timeslot?
    No. Once confirmed, you agree to the interview schedule and are expected to attend the selection interview if shortlisted. Otherwise, failing to meet the interview schedule will be regarded as withdrawing the Peer Tutor application.

    If you are unable to attend the selection interview due to emergencies or unexpected incidents, you should inform the Programme Administrator(s) in written format to with a valid explanation. There is no guarantee that the interview can be rescheduled.

  2. What should I do if the conversation turns to a personal level?
    You can voice out politely if the dialogue gets in an inappropriate direction, and guide your Tutee back to the practice you have prepared for the tutorial.

  3. I was informed by my professor/lecturer that the next lecture/tutorial is rescheduled and it clashes with my tutoring session. What should I do?
    Please cancel the corresponding session via the Booking System as soon as possible. The Booking System will generate an auto-email to notify the affected Tutee about the cancellation, he/she can reschedule and arrange a make-up session by himself/herself if your cancellation is submitted at least 30 minutes before the tutorial commences.

  4. What if I cannot host a tutoring session due to emergencies?
    You have the responsibility to host a make-up session for your Tutee. In case there are emergencies and you have to cancel a session at the last minute, please also inform the Programme Administrator(s) by phone or email. We will follow up on the make-up session arrangements.

  5. What should I do if my Tutee keeps being absent from the tutorials?
    To report continuous absence or misconduct of a Tutee, you can write an email to CEDARS-CoPE at Programme Administrator(s) will investigate the case and take appropriate action when necessary.